• “Lynn’s workshop really motivated me and gave me the strategies I needed to build my ideal practice!”

    Frances Wolff, Psychologist, Australia
  • “In person, Lynn embodies everything she teaches in her books.”

    Gail Doerr, Director of Communications, Tai Sophia Institute
  • “During the time we worked together, I doubled my income, wrote and published a book, and got married- all long-held dreams Lynn helped me achieve.”

    LN, Executive Director of Non-Profit, Seattle, WA.
  • One paid individual coaching session and one free Intro session with Lynn were all it took to get me on my way, and I am forever grateful.”

    Nancy Simon, LCSW, Evanston, Ill.
  • “Lynn is the wings beneath my feet. Each coaching session translates to more profit for my practice and a more pleasurable life.”

    SD, Consultant, Utah
  • “What really helped me put my practice over the top was the individual coaching with Lynn.  She is on my Gratitude List forever!”

    Debbie Devine, LPC, Rockwall, Texas

  • “I would attend any workshop Lynn offers. Thanks to her, I built a practice  that others said couldn’t be done. I am living proof that her strategies work!”

    LS, Social Worker, Albany, New York
  • “As a mother of young children, I was keen to have a practice that operated only during school hours, and 6 months later, thanks to Lynn, I  have just that.”

    AW, MEd, Australia
  • “Lynn does amazing private practice nuts and bolts work, including the nuts and bolts in your mind.”

    Peter Hannah, Seattle Washington, Yourgoogleguy.com
  • “On those days when I begin to doubt myself and start to worry, my husband reminds me to read “the bible” – Lynn’s book.”

    A C, Marriage and Family Therapist, Berkeley, California

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Crisis-Proof Your Practice by Lynn Grodzki

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Help for you and your practice during a difficult economy!

Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy. In a recession, a psychotherapy private practice is especially vulnerable. Lynn’s newest book is one you cannot afford to be without!  Order today and to become more profitable and purposeful, even in hard times!

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Reviews are in for Crisis-Proof Your Practice.


Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy offers psychotherapists solid business advice on how to build and preserve a private practice during uncertain economic times. From a 4-step process for crisis-proofing a practice, to what to charge and how to save, these guidelines are key to success!” Midwest Book Review


imagesCrisis-Proof Your Practice provides a framework for success that transcends place and time, making it an ideal resource for today’s ever changing and evolving marketplace.” David P. Diana, M.A., LPC, Director of Business Development for Palmetto Behavioral Health


imagesCrisis-Proof Your Practice – if you read only one practice-building book this year, this is the one! Casey Truffo, author of Be a Wealthy Therapist

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Consult with Lynn

Coaching and Consulting for Therapists with Lynn Grodzki

Lynn is a business coach for health professionals including therapists, counselors, healers, and coaches in private practice. She also works as an executive coach for positions of influence including business leaders, non-profit founders and executive directors, consultants, advisers, and lawyers  who need business advice.

Do you wish you had a business coach —  an expert in the field of small business development — who could help you set and meet your private practice or business goals, someone who would stand behind you as you reached for more success? Want to brainstorm, resolve difficult situations, develop confidence in your business ability — and hate to go it alone? It’s time to partner with Lynn!

Meet Lynn Grodzki, nationally-known Master Certified Coach. Lynn is an author, former executive, and a senior psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work. She has coached hundreds of business owners and executives over the past decade and helped tens of thousands of professionals through her books and workshops. Lynn is known for her insight, warmth, humor and grace as she helps her clients become more purposeful, focused and profitable. Book single or monthly business coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person today!

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What others say:

“In person, Lynn Grodzki is even better than her books. She models integrity and authenticity and shows you how to market yourself without selling out!” TR, Marriage and Family Therapist, California

“I am off all managed care, seeing only those clients that are ideal for me.  My income has doubled in the past year. Lynn really gets me and helps me identify and overcome the negative belief systems that used to keep me stuck.” AV, Licensed Professional Counselor, Virginia. Need to get off insurance? See the coaching plan for a full-fee practice here.

“Lynn helped me develop a new career — after working within an organization for a decade, I am now the owner of a consultancy earning a solid six-figure salary and employing others. It’s lonely at the top, but I have Lynn as the “wings under my feet.” SLP,  Consultant, New York City

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Lynn also offers life coaching for help with your personal or health goals. See more here!

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Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC is a senior Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice and a Master Certified Coach. She is a licensed therapist, business coach, international speaker and published author.

Lynn can show you how to start up a private practice or rebuild one, or improve your small business, non-profit, or other work situation.

She works with helping professionals (including social workers, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists, mental health therapists, speech therapists, coaches and consultants.) Lynn coaches service-oriented professionals, managers, and executives and directors who want to be more savvy and successful about business and help their organizations grow.

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Lynn GrodzkiWill your psychotherapy private practice, coaching, or consulting business endure in this economy? It’s tough right now. Do you know how to find the hidden opportunities that exist or how to be more profitable? With my books, my free email newsletter, or individual coaching, I can support your success. I have helped thousands of your colleagues. Take the next step and  email or call me today!